Use Citations To Enhance Your Local Impact In 2019

In simple words, citations stand for the mention of your business details like address, contact number or name on various online platforms or apps. It not only allows the users to discover your company but also helps a great way of building your local reputation and enhancing the rankings in the long term. In order to enjoy the best benefits out of citations, you need a well organized, streamlined approach to plan the entire lifecycle of your citations development. Besides, you also need to manage different phases to ensure that you should get the maximum benefit out of your endeavors.

Here are a few tips that you can follow:

To start with.....

Here is the ideal way to start the efforts that can allow you to enjoy the best benefits out of citations. You should ensure that each aspect is properly handled to be eligible for the best benefits. It is recommended to follow the following points accurately:

  • Carefully create your Google My Business listing with the accurate details such as official Business names, profile, complete address, contact number etc
  • Visiting the business pages of various local sites with good ranking will give you a good idea on the proper format for an ideal profile, contact details and other elements on the business page. That would certainly add more value to your listings and can also help you it the local SEO.
  • Instead of limiting the activity as just a formality, you should strive to extract the maximum benefit out of it. For that purpose, you will need to target for at least 7 profiles on different platforms on a daily basis. That will help you to gain strong traction.
  • Apart from high-end platforms like Google My Business and BingPlace you should also look for the international level industry-specific directories that concentrate on local businesses like Zomato. Additionally, you should also go for the local level online business directories to further widen your SEO efforts.


Additional sources for citations

Though business directories are the major source of gaining the required reputation and enjoying local SEO benefits, there are a number of other platforms where you can add your business to further widen your efforts for better output.

  • Publishing Press releases
  • Creating engaging Profile pages
  • Adding quality content on Question and answer sites
  • Submitting Articles and guest posts with the bylines
  • Actively participating in industry forums and using your Forum signatures
  • Publishing media files like Image and video and using proper description descriptions

Go Big on Local SEO with Reviews

Reviews are one of the major sources of building a reputation and attracting clients. So you should have a properly formulated review strategy.  One thing to keep in mind is that reviews should touch the specific facets that influence the local SEO. The best way to do that is to ask for the reviews from your satisfied clients. People generally don’t have much time to offer you detailed reviews in writing. So ideally you can just ask them for a brief review even over the phone call and instruct your content team to write the same in the proper format get it verified by them and post them.


Google My Business reviews

In order to maximize the benefit, you should strive for the five stars (or at least more than 3.5 stars) and get it displayed on top of the search result page. In order to get your star rating displayed there, you would require a minimum of 5 reviews. However, in order to get a cutting edge over the competitor, you would need more reviews than them

Google Map Marking

Google Map Marking is another source of powerful promotion of your business. It deeply influences the local audience. Here too the reviews can work like magic. Though it is strictly recommendable to get only the genuine reviews via the satisfied clients, you may also need to offer them some cool giveaways. That will act as a driving factor and encourage more and more clients to leave their reviews thus enhancing your local reputation.


Another important platform that can add to the local SEO of your business is the Yelp. Yelp is one of the most trusted business directories that is trusted on the global level and attracts huge traffic. So having your review published on Yelp can certainly offer some vital value to your business.

  • However, not many audiences might be aware that publishing reviews directly on your Yelp business page could not add much value in regards to the local SEO and in many cases such reviews might not even is published. That is because the Yelp takes the direct review submission with a pinch (or handful) of salt. 
  • Yelp is quite particular when it comes to the quality and length of the reviews. It likes the wholesome reviews that touch the various aspects of your business and have a simple, plain tone that is helpful rather than creative.
  • Excessive use of superlative adjectives or fancy content would only reduce the chances of your review being considered by Yelp.
  • Apart from the format the person who is posting the reviews also matters. Getting reviews by the people who already have a credible Yelp account can add to the value of the reviews and offer it enough credibility to be trusted by Yelp.



Citations play a major role in strengthening the online reputation of your website. In order to enjoy a good reputation, you need to have a strong and well-managed citations policy. In this blog, we have shared some excellent and actionable tips on creating a strategic citations strategy that will help you gain an authoritative reputation in the industry and will also offer you various SEO benefits.