Things to remember while transferring your domain name

Domain name transferring is a very critical process that needs complete attention and care. While many people think that transferring your Domain names does not affect the SEO, the reality is that it has a certain and a long lasting impact on your search engine rankings. Thus you need to be very careful during different phases of Domain transferring. Here are a few major things to keep in mind while transferring your domain name:

Audit the key statistics

In order to avoid any future hassles you should streamline the entire process of domain transfer. Start with auditing the key statistics before you start the process of transferring your domain. It will equip you with the relevant knowledge and allow you to estimate the practical impact of transferring your domain. Thus you can take the practical steps to minimize the negative impact. It will also allow you to design a fully fledged plan to check the benefits of domain transferring on different aspects of your website.

Inbound Links- The most important part

Among all the elements that you need to audit the inbound links hold the prime position. It is because of the significant impact of the inbound inks on the SEO success of any website. You need to minimize the risk of losing any valuable inbound links.

  • One way to audit your links is to login to you Google Webmaster Tools and click the search traffic on the left menu. Next open Links to your site to see the entire list of links leading to your site that are recognized by Google. For your perusal you can export the list.

  • Alternatively you can also use open Site explorer for renewing your link profile to get the deep insights about the links that come to your site as well as their corresponding quality. Keeping in mind the scope of usability and output it is advisable to take the help of both Google Webmaster as well as Open Site Explorer, save the results and compare them to take the wise decisions.

  • Once saved you need to take a thorough look of the entire list of the links and find the high quality links. Highlight them using appropriate methods and then confirm that the best quality links are still linked to your site. Also ensure that the 301 redirecting is working ideally.

Benefits of 301 Redirect

The 301 redirect page offers you 2 major benefits here. Apart from taking the users to the right page it also tells the Search engine that you have move the page a new address. Eventually it helps in building the reputation of your your new page as the link credits are transferred to your new page.

  • .htaccess plays a major role as it can transfer everything on a domain name level including the 301 redirects of your old domain URL. Hence it is a wise decision to create the wild card redirect in the .htaccess file to your website.

  • Accuracy matters the most here. You should be ready to devote the time and efforts needed for proper 301 redirections of everything. Don’t be in haste and ensure that every phase of the process is accomplished properly for the ideal outcome. You can also confirm the accuracy of transfer by using 301 checkers.

Taking care of URL

For the best outcome it is important to maintain the exactness of the URL structure during the process of replacing your old domain name with the new one. It will minimize the errors during the process of either o your part r on the part of Google.

  • If you must change the URLs, wait for a few months after the process of domain transferring. Let the things be settled properly before you think of making any changes to your URL structure.

  • To continue reaping to benefit out of Google search ranking you need to tell it that your address has been changed so that all you listings are up to date. Go to the link Change of Address by clicking on the small gear icon in the Google Webmaster Tools. It will prompt Google to update the domain in its system as well as your listings.

Confirming the process

You need to ensure that the entire process of redirection is handled properly for the ideal output. Missing any key step or incorrect proceeding could harm your site in one way or the other, including SEO devaluation.

  • Confirm that the 301 redirect is adequately working on the above data.

  • Now conduct an insight search on the top inbound links of your site and ensure that they should also be redirecting in the proper manner.

  • Direct communication with the websites associated with the inbound links can also help you in retaining link value. Due to its direct effect and personal communication it can be considered as the preferred method during the process of transferring link

  • One of the most harmful after-effects of error using domain transferring is 404 errors. There are several tools that you can make se of while checking for the 404 error. A minimum of 1 week regular checking immediately after the domain transferring is advisable.

  • However, for the best results make it a regular practice to check the occurrence of 404 domain name error for at least 3 months after the launch.