Reseller Hosting Business: The Quick Success Recipe

The increasing competition in web hosting sector has not only helped in slashing the prices for the end customers but has also created excellent business opportunities for resellers. Today, it has become really easy to start your entrepreneurial journey as a hosting reseller without having to invest massive resources, going through technical intricacies or hiring a huge team. In order to spread their presence and multiply their opportunities, the hosting companies are offering complete and reliable support to the resellers. In short, you basically need to build a customer base and invest decent marketing efforts while all the technical and after-sales services will be managed by your parent host. Besides, you will also get a readymade online store, billing management interface and other vital digital resources needed for starting and marketing your business. However, it certainly does not mean that you can succeed in the web hosting market with zero efforts; you certainly must keep in mind some important tips in order to enjoy a fruitful entrepreneurial journey and a regular income:

Don’t say “Adios” to your present occupation
If you are already engaged in another occupation or full/part-time job then don’t leave it in order to start your hosting reseller business. It can allow you to enjoy the dual benefits of a fixed monthly income and extra revenue opportunities offered by reseller hosting. In fact, that is the real beauty of hosting reseller business. You don’t need to quit your present occupation in order to become a hosting reseller. Many successful hosting resellers are still engaged in their previous occupation without compromising on their present hosting business. All you need is time management skills. Here are a few tips that can help you

  • Utilize your weekends to invest a good, dedicated time in your reseller hosting business. Use this dedicated time for chalking out a plan, identifying latent opportunities and connecting with potential clients. Convert your present occupation into a great business boosting platform with some smart moves and pitch your services to your CEO, colleagues and other professional contacts in an appropriate manner. Utilize digital platforms for your business. It is much easier to use digital avenues for reselling your hosting packages. With little efforts you can learn email marketing, SMO and basic SEO on your own that will help you to make most of the available time.

Know the capabilities of your parent host

One thing to keep in mind is that just like any business your scope of opportunities clearly depends upon the quality and quantity of resources that your parent host offers you. The hosting providers have certain limitations on the number of domains, databases, scripting languages, email accounts and other business-specific resources that they provide their hosting resellers. The quality and dependability of these resources also vary from one provider to another. So, be careful before you choose your parent host. Any hasty step could lead you in the wrong direction.

  • Instead of taking your individual decision, it is better to take suggestions from relevant acquaintances based on their real-life experiences or professional knowledge. It is better to prefer established enterprises over start-ups. While the new companies and start-up companies may also prove to be a right choice, the established enterprises allow you to make an informed decision based on reviews, experience, and other vital factors. You can also take help from web hosting blogs and forums in order to get expert advice. However, one thing to keep in mind is to consider only the reputed digital platforms for this purpose as many blogs or forums are developed by the affiliates and are guided solely by commercial benefits. You need to invest good attention to check the reputation of the digital platform based on parameters like ranking, volume and expertise of participants and relevant media mentions.

Don’t sell products. Sell your Brand!

Many hosting resellers actually don’t take the complete advantage of the branding freedom offered by their parent host. In fact, your entrepreneurial journey should ideally start with a definite branding strategy. Concentrating only on the marketing efforts is known as “salesmanship” – marketing products! To become an entrepreneur you need to sell the “branded products” and for that, you first need to build a brand and invest the required efforts.

  • Think of a unique yet easy to remember the name for your reseller business. An ideal enterprise name should effortlessly tell the customers about your business. There are a number of innovating ways in which you can mix, match and slightly modify the term for a unique approach. Likewise, you need to invest efforts in creating a logo, mission and vision, fair policy and other vital factors that turn business into a brand. It will not only offer you an entrepreneurial approach but will also inform your visitors and potential clients that you take your business and clients really seriously. Understandably it can be a definite positive point that can tilt the client’s decision in your favor. While regular blogging on your store gives it a fresh look and tells the visitors about your expertise, guest posting allows you to build an authority and reach the selected clients that really matters. Hence, your major investment will be providing high-quality content. In return, you will get the advantage of good ranking, social media mentions and other vital factors that determine the impact of your content.

Likewise, other branding efforts include updating social media pages, optimizing SEO and active participation in reputed industry forums.