Keep Your Hosting Clients Happy With Better Customer Support Solutions

Let us start our blog with a phrase that has been repeated so many times that it has become a cliché; nevertheless, it is completely true and even more relevant in today’s highly competitive world. The phrase is “Customer is the King”. While it is a no-brainer that no business can run without the customers, the major question is how to acquire more customers and retain them for long. Some time back we had written a blog on how to acquire more customers. It was specifically written for hosting resellers. So, we will dedicate this blog to the next major concern for resellers- How to retain your customers for long?


The answer to this question is divided into several parts and we would love to start with the after-sales support. In fact, when we talk about the subscription-based industries like web hosting the support plays a major role in determining the customer experience and eventually deciding their life cycle. The bad experience with support issues can not only make you lose your existing customers but can also attract negative reviews and eventually affect the sales and marketing efforts. Even the reputed hosting companies are, On the other hand, when you deliver good after-sales support to your hosting clients you not only win their loyalty but can also expect them to buy more products/upgraded services.


Besides, it is very likely that they can recommend their friends and acquaintances to buy your products and services. So, here are a few actionable tips that you can follow in order to deliver the best support to your customers and the practical ways to tackle specific situations:


Responding to stressful situations

Many (if not most) times when your hosting clients call up your support team, they are really pressed due to downtime or sluggish speed. They are losing business due to technical issues that they interpret as your “incompetence”. You cannot expect a decent tone from such clients. Many of them may complain, talk rudely, call them a cheater and what not.  It is crucial but equally tricky to tackle such situations.

For ensuring a better customer experience your staff should be prepared to handle the stressful situations or demanding clients confidently yet cordially. How well do they handle such situations deeply impacts the ratio of satisfied clients and can stop client erosion? For that purpose, you actually need to architect a wholesome future plan for ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Be very careful while hiring the support team. The ideal candidates should not only be a quick learner but also possess excellent communication skills
  • People management skills play a direct role in determining the success of your support executive. Make sure they should know the best way to tackle the annoying customers in the best manner without losing their calm
  • While IQ or intelligence quotient does play a great role during the recruitment process, you should also pay keen attention to their EQ or emotional quotient as this quality help them connect better with the clients


Predictive Modeling

Long pauses or inability to provide the precise answers can annoy your clients. Having the solutions ready before the problem arises can help you in a great way.

It would be great if you can predict the possible future issues and design your customer support strategy accordingly. It will help you to take proactive (instead of reactive) actions. So, before even the customer issues show up you would be ready with the solutions. Here you can make technology your friend and take the help of Predictive Modeling resources. Predictive Modeling allows you to mine the data for forecasting the possible outcomes in the future.

  • One of the best ways the Predictive modeling software can help you is to sift through the present client data and presents the relevant predictions based on changing patterns and key trends.
  • There are a number of such tools available in the market but we would recommend a specific tool with a good and proven reputation- RapidMiner
  • It is the efficient software equipped with the latest technology to design the future models that are nearest to the practical reality.


Understand your impact on the clients

If you have already implemented the above solutions the next thing is to know the impact it has left on your clients. Are they now satisfied with your support team? Do they want to give you some more suggestions? Are they still unsatisfied?

One of the major challenges for any business is to understand the impact left on their clients after each session of interaction during different phases of the customer lifecycle. You can determine the future course of action only if you know the impact of the customer support session on the clients and whether or not they are satisfied with your support team:

  • By using the customer journey mapping technology you can actually prepare visual and detailed presentations of your customer journey
  • It includes the crucial point, major roadblocks, and other aspects at needs your attention
  • IBM is the leading software company that holds good expertise in providing a number of business solutions. One of the best tools provided by the company is the IBM journey Designer
  • This sophisticated solution can allow the meaningful and real-time collaboration of sales, marketing and customer services for exploring the best ways to spot the gaps and take the best measures for improving customer experience.
  • Moreover, your team can also use this advanced tool for defining collaborative marketing targets
  • Apart from smooth conversations the team can also share files and set the notifications for ensuring timely updates


Wisely introduce and manage client friendly solutions

In this competitive web hosting industry, hosting resellers try their best to make the buying journey more convenient for their clients. While it is good to introduce such client-friendly features, you need a full-scale strategy to ensure the success of such endeavors and for that, you would need to understand the lifecycle of such innovative solutions. If you neglect this crucial point, then such endeavor may only complicate the things for your support team.

Let’s say you have developed an easy to use web hosting app to deliver the best experience to your hosting clients. The first thing you need to know is the lifecycle of your app. Having good knowledge about your product or service will help you to convince more customers and prevent any future complications for your support team. It will also help you to design friendly customer service to win their loyalty. Let us see this in the context of your web hosting app:

  • What made the visitor to download the app could help you to optimize your marketing plan to align with the most beneficial strategies. For example, your referral programs are the major reason behind the initial success of your app then you can make them more rewarding to further increase the impact
  • Likewise, if offering first purchase discounts is the reason behind a positive response then you can also try to introduce more of such schemes that can attract more customers
  • Before even working on the app lifecycle, the first thing you need is to identify the USP of your app that attracts your target audience and facilitate the purchase/management.
  • It will help you to identify the unique characteristics of your hosting app and exploring the best ways to further enhance the same



Acquiring new clients is an uphill task in the highly competitive world of reseller hosting. Retaining them for long is even more difficult. The support services play a vital role in determining the after-sales experience of your customers that ultimately affect customer loyalty in a positive/negative way. In this blog, we have presented various actionable tips, techniques, and tools that you can use to improve the after-sales experience and maintain long term positive relations with web hosting clients.