How to write power proposals ?

Email marketing is one of the oldest and time tested marketing techniques that is still retains its charm. However, when you go for an email marketing campaign you need to invest adequate attention to every part of the mail- Subject, Body etc. How effectively you design different parts of the mail determines the success you can expect from your email campaigns. Here are a few tips on how to write an effective email proposal:


Think of subject as a means to attract the curiosity. The subject line should be concise and to the point. Don’t use the phrases that are used by door to door salesman of yesteryears. These statements don’t sound interesting and can even annoy the recipients.

Here are a few things to remember

  • Use phrases that prompt an action like “Can you answer this, in 2 seconds?”
  • Give them something useful and be direct in your approach - “2 Ideas for you!”
  • Discuss their goals or give them some soothing thoughts- “You can still succeed” or “So, you wanna become Something”

Opening Line

Once your subject has prompted the prospect to open your proposal the next best thing is opening line. These 4-5 words have a great impact on the recipients’ mind. Be careful while creating the first line. Don’t introduce yourself like a meekly salesman, don’t accost the recipient with some offer he would not like to know about. Rather, Surprise him positively.

You can use familiarity, personal touch, something very relevant or congratulating on latest achievement. Here are a few tips :

  • I see that you were looking for...
  • Friend’s name told me that...
  • We share one thing in common
  • Were you the one to post Blog (keep your feedback under sheets until the reader reaches the final words of the sentence) End it with the positive note of course
  • Wishing you on...


Address the priority and essential business objectives that are currently relevant to your prospects. Now you need to motivate your prospects to explore new opportunities. Show them the opportunities that they have been ignoring or the avenues that they haven’t explored yet. Tell them how the new opportunities can benefit them. But more importantly, you need to tell them how easy and immediate it is to explore those opportunities.

Pro Tip

Don’t confuse your recipients. Don’t give them multiple options. Rather explain a single option at length. Ninety percent of the time Revenue factor works great.

Try to sound practical and use statistics especially while you talk about the income they can expect. Give them a simple 2 line illustration. For a better impact use the real example. Use currency symbols while you talk about the


You grabbed the attention of your prospects, told him the things that he didn’t ask you and showed him some great opportunities. Now it is your moral responsibility to show him a clear, precise direction before you close your email. Failing to do so will defeat the very objective of designing the entire email and the efforts you incurred. Remember, we are talking about the clear action that the prospect can take immediately. Think from the perspective of your interested prospects. What would they like to do to go ahead? Would they like a personal meeting or start an immediate chat? Or would it be easier for them to reply to your mail?


Click, register, call, Skype, chat all these words prompt the action. They have a triggering effect on the brain and you can expect an immediate, even instant action from the clients.

Every single moment counts, so offer your prospects a readymade action buttons, say click-and-connect. The Skype contact should connect to your Skype id when the prospect clicks on it. Likewise the call button should instantly call you up. Such arrangement will facilitate the connection and you can then start marching forward.

You can also use following statement or questions for the quick connect:

  • Are we connecting tomorrow?
  • Do you have 10 minutes to spare, anytime today?
  • Wondering if we can connect today- now, if possible?
  • Let’s talk it further today?

Bonus Tip

Some of the words are so much used or rather abused in the email proposals that instantly annoy the recipients. You need to avoid these words. Unique is one such word that has been so ubiquitous that many people have started doubting its meaning while some wiser people have already understood that the word unique means “extremely common”. Other words in the similar category are exciting, interesting, cheap, discount and rewarding. Look for simple synonyms or other nearby words that you find suitable.