The future of web in the year 2018

The final month of any year is the perfect time to look back and evaluate the things. It is also the time when we try to predict the upcoming trends in the New Year and prepare ourselves accordingly. Talking of the internet industry, when we look behind, we find a number of changes occurred to websites in the year 2017. However, many such changes are still in the experimental stage or are adopted tentatively. At the same time, some research is also going on in order to bring 360 degree changes in the visual and functional appeal of the websites. So, we can say that 2018 will witness some revolutionary changes in the way the website works. However we need to wait for reasonable period of time. Here are a few changes that we can expect to see in the websites during 2018:

AI builds websites

Web designer invest long hours and many efforts in writing the codes that determines the design of your website. This tedious work can be very demanding and stressful. More importantly single instance of wrong positioning may spoil the entire efforts wrecking havoc on your website design.

AI is not an alien term anymore. It is the tangible reality that has impacted different spheres of the society. The AI can actually help you to build a website quickly without compromising with the quality. You can expect the premium look, precise impact and exquisite functionality from your website. You can have all this without spending a considerable amount of time or money.

At a few bucks and well within an hour you can expect robust website that excels on multiple factors.

You don’t need an active phase to phase involvement on your end. The AI can not only automate the repetitive mundane tasks but is also capable to think creatively and implement some of the best designing formulas for creating a top notch website.

Thanks to the immense processing speed the entire designing process would be shrunk to a few clicks without altering the quality!

Besides, it will also save you from instructing the flesh and bone web designer on the exact requirements.

For example the AiDA can help you create a personalized high impact website within a few minutes that is a great achievement in itself.

Parallax websites

Have you ever gone through a website that keeps on acquiring depth as you reach the end of the page? Who doesn’t like that magical effect? Reach the bottom and find there’s something more yet to be discovered. We call them Parallax websites. The Parallax websites are already gaining a great popularity and in 2018 the trend is all set to see some of the major evolution keeping in mind the revolutionary technical developments that is changing the way the digital world works.

Parallax websites boosts the site speed to the next level

One of the revolutionary effect of parallax website would be that it may eventually nullify the use of responsive websites by offering uniform effect no matter what platform it is loaded on

It will also have same effect on the basic structuring of content. The flowing website supports and promotes the “story-telling” and for the best impact you may need bridge the gaps between contents of different portions of our site – about us, services, job availabilities etc. It may also change the basic tone in which the content is presented

Mobile traffic gets prime treatment

Going by the figures, formulas and trends over several years we can safely say that mobile traffic will get the upper hand in 2018. The increasing and versatile uses of Smartphone mean more and more people would primarily use mobile phones to access your website.

So, the web designer of future would concentrate primarily on the mobile traffic and the websites would be designed to suit the compact needs of a mobile phone instead of a fully fledged computer.

The user interface colour resolution, theme and fonts will be used to align with the requirements of mobile users.

It will not only change the SEO aspects for ideal web designing but will also have some impact on the content strategy

Some new, mobile friendly fonts can be developed in order to offer the better user experience

VR will get real

The Virtual reality has already been in the experimental stage. In the future we will be able to do some really cool things with websites that we can only watch in sci-fi movies now. For example we can just think about a particular word and Lo! The pages containing that word will automatically appear on the screen.

You don’t have to depend on a hand held device to browse a website. Just put on the VR goggles and you can actually wedge through the labyrinths of any website.

Needless to say, it will deeply influence the user experience. The designing technically, methodology as well as objectives will see a revolutionary change.

In fact when fully implemented the VR will complete uproot most of the designing methodologies and technologies they are used today as everything is focused on handheld devices. When the handheld devices will be replaced by VR Goggles the user’s experiment and expectations would completely change.