Enhance your domain reselling business by adding Dot Online to your inventory

There are a number of new age domain extensions that are fast gaining popularity as they sound different. Dot Online enjoys a unique position among them as it not only sounds fresh but is also synonymous with internet. While .Online allows the end users to name their sites in a unique style, it also opens up a world of opportunities for domain resellers. In simple words, Dot Online offers you best of both the worlds. Here are a few reasons why you should expect more earning/sales opportunities while selling dot online domains:

No restrictions

If your clients are looking for a domain extension that sounds “Fresh” without sacrificing its generic appeal then .Online is the best choice for you. It can be used for just any kind of website- ABCPizza.Online looks as impressive as Andrewthedesigner.Online. So, having dot online domain extensions helps you to widen your sales opportunities as it sounds fresh and also appeals to the diverse client base.

Universal Meaning

The good things that online are a word that is understood in 20+ languages, technically. However, it is perfectly alright to believe that the word is understood in every continent of the world, just like WWW or Internet! It helps your client to uniformly influence the global audience.

Prompts visitors to click

Online has a positive connotation and it subtly suggests or even prompts the visitor's mind to click the link- “Go Online!” Hence, along with other factors, this positive connotation will also help your client’s site to attract a click while choosing among other competitors’ sites.

Growing fast but not yet saturated

As many as 705,492 websites are using.Online as a domain extension. Now, if you are a seasoned businessman you would understand that it is a very inviting figure when compared to many other domain extensions. The number shows that the market for dot Online domain is not saturated like .com thus your clients would not have much difficulty getting the desired domain name with this extension. Besides, the figure is fairly high that is another positive point. It simply means that online extension is gaining popularity. Any relevant product that is gaining popularity but hasn’t reached the saturated stage is the best bet for a wise business. Considering these things, dot Online is definitely among the best domain extensions to buy.

Appeals to clients looking for personal website

For the personal websites dot Online is the perfect extension as it denotes something that is “Current and happening”. Your clients can simply use their names and add .online at the end to signify that the website is all about the things they are presently happening in his life. That invites visitors to click. To sound more chic he can use a nickname instead of the formal name that seems cool and has a youthful appeal.