Don’t Start Reseller Hosting Before Asking These 5 Questions

It is true that starting your entrepreneurial career as a web hosting reseller is a tempting prospect as you can instantly start reselling the plans under your own brand name without significant investment. However, for the long term success in the industry, you need to consider some key points and evaluate if you are really prepared for starting a reseller hosting business. We have made the things easier for you by preparing a list of the 5 most important questions that you should answer before you start your reselling business:

Are you ready to work hard?

Just because you don’t have to invest in infrastructure or management doesn’t mean that it is a get rich quick scheme. Just like every business you need to invest your efforts in it. So, be ready to work hard for acquiring new clients and turning them into regular subscribers. Of course, once you have acquired a good number of such regular clients, you can have good chances of earning a passive income.

  • Good technical knowledge about hosting is vital to enjoy sustainable success.
  • Sharpen your marketing skills and learn to interpret technical features into business benefits.
  • Attending online and offline platforms for web hosting community and establishing industry relations can help you a great way.
  • Invest consistently in improving your online storefront by making it user-friendly and informative.


Can you bear the initial losses without getting depressed?

Many successful hosting re-sellers of today learned the things the hard way. They pocketed in loss and rejections but instead of feeling dejected they corrected their mistakes and picked up new skills. So, if you want to share their success, you should be ready to share their initial failures too- and learn from them.

  • During your initial period, you can’t expect a positive RoI on your efforts. Be prepared for that and utilize the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.
  • Make a realistic business plan based on acquiring a certain number of clients and selling a specific number of plans on a periodical basis.
  • You cannot fully avoid Negative emotions when you suffer loss but try to bounce back as soon as possible and start your efforts afresh
  • Low overheads reduce losses. You don’t require investing heavily on digital marketing or media exposure and with a little learning curve, you can do it yourself.

Do you have a solid business plan?

Many hosting resellers fail because they don’t have a strong business plan. It doesn’t only prevent them from knowing about their net profits but over a period of time, it also disturbs their budget. The things start going haywire without even alerting the resellers. As it is said “Lack of planning is the perfect planning to the failure”- the same thing happens here:

  • Have a measurable plan with specific milestones and yardsticks to estimate your progress
  • Check your progress month on month and conduct an in-depth profit audit every quarter.
  • Wisely use the data and figures to decide how near or far you are from achieving your business goals
  • Be flexible, consistently assess the performance of your business plan and don’t delay in modifying it as and when needed


Are you ready to learn essential technical skills?

You certainly don’t need to be an out and out technical person to start as a hosting reseller. However, the lack of minimum technical proficiency to comfortably manage your business plan can make it almost impossible to survive in the industry. So, even if seems a bit boring or complicated, you should be ready to gain some technical proficiency related to hosting operations.

  • You should be able to independently create and manage the hosting packages.
  • You should b able to add new customers comfortably and updating the plans of the existing clients.
  • You need to have a decent knowledge of cPanel and WHM setup and easily allocate/scale the precise resources to meet the precise needs of your clients.


Are you ready to invest in hiring the talent?

It is humanly not possible to take care of all the aspects of your hosting business without any staff. Once the business starts growing you may need to hire a professional to help you in the daily operations. Don’t shy away from such necessary expenses as you might end up annoying your customers and eventually losing them due to poor management of their accounts.

  • Instead of recruiting expert professionals at expensive salaries, you can hire interns who can work for less
  • You can also find the freelance professionals either online or by contacting the local individual recruiter
  • Offering a specific amount as a monthly salary might not be a good decision. You can start by dividing the amount between base pay and incentives in order to promote better performance.



In order to enjoy a long term success in the industry, you need to be very careful before starting your journey as a web hosting reseller. An honest assessment of strengths and weakness and a multi-aspect review of your overall personality can help you a great way in ensuring a rewarding career in this field. So, we have compiled a list of 5 most important questions that you should ask yourself before you start your journey as a hosting reseller. After reading this blog you should be in a better position to review your candidature as a web hosting reseller and take the quick actionable steps or modify your schedule in order to gain a long term success.