Dedicated Reseller Hosting – How It Can Improve Your Business

Nowadays, web hosting has become more affordable and richer in features. The increasing use of businesses relying on web hosting services resulted in a need for more advanced and scalable hosting solutions. With the emergence of dedicated reseller hosting packages, web-based companies are now able to meet on-demand hosting needs and expand their businesses widely.

What is dedicated reseller hosting?

A dedicated hosting provider offers dedicated reseller plans to resellers. Then, resellers remarket their purchased server and resources. A dedicated reseller package enables you to sell available disk space and bandwidth anytime to users (e.g. website owners, internet marketers, etc.) and generate profits from it.

Further, you can make any modifications or fine-tune your dedicated reseller plans as you please. As you will be the sole user and the changes can be effortlessly created. Massive files or heavy content? No problem! Properly configured dedicated servers deliver the power of reliability, speed, and high-performance.

The beauty of sole ownership

Businesses that have heavy-volume traffic websites or vast databases may want to upgrade to a dedicated server hosting plan. By reselling dedicated servers, customers can use the server solely for themselves without sharing with any other user. It will be just like running your own web hosting company with your own data center. Owning your own server means having more security. Many users will migrate to a dedicated server plan if they prefer more secure websites.

Moreover, dedicated reseller hosting packages offer separate accounts with separate control panels for each website. Most often than not, various websites are configured on independent IP addresses, which completely separate sites. More online visibility, more traffic, and more improved rankings for search engines.

Benefits of getting a dedicated reseller plan

Aside from allowing users to solely manage their own servers, dedicated hosting plans are packed with features that can improve any reseller business. It might be labeled as an expensive hosting option, but the benefits are tremendous.

  • Although storage and bandwidth are more expensive, you and your customers will get to enjoy the benefits of low startup expenses, reduced overhead, fixed operating costs, and self-employment.

  • E-commerce websites hosted on dedicated servers are stable, speedy, and reliable. No fear of overloading, scripting errors, limited web server disk space, and constrained uptime.

  • Branded hardware, such as Dell, HP, IBM or Super Micro, is included in a reseller dedicated hosting plan to provide quality performance.

  • No indiscriminate or damaging software is downloaded on it. You will get access to complete and secure firewall protection to stop any malicious scripts from harming your website.

  • By getting a dedicated hosting plan, you and your customers can have a complete Remote Desktop Access/SSH Access.

  • Not tech-savvy? A well-managed dedicated reseller plan provides 24/7 maintenance support and data backup facilities.

That said, getting dedicated reseller services is not a get-rich-quick scheme. To achieve real profits, you must know the reseller hosting business and work at it to succeed. ResellerCube's reseller program offers you the opportunity to start your own reseller hosting business. Dedicated reseller hosting can effectively impact your workloads with zero investments and expand the range of your existing products and services.