Never Buy A Domain Name Before Knowing These 4 Things

Just like you need your own real shop/commercial establishment for earning in the real world, in the same regards you would need your own domain name if you want to start your digital entrepreneurial journey. However, buying a domain name is not as easy as it seems to be. It is not only about the budget capacity and availability but it also entails a number of other factors that impact your purchase. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while purchasing the domain name:

Avoid Trademark Terms

Buying a domain name with trademark term can put you into the hot soup. Ironically this mistake is often repeated not only by new clients but even by the experienced players too. Though there are a number of online and offline resource available on the matter, many people still don’t consider this while buying a domain name.

  • Some names might sound pretty good but it is possible that you could be breaking trademark laws when you buy domain names containing those words or phrases. For instance, if you run an agency called “Jack Realtors” then it sounds fine if you purchase a domain name Jackrealtor followed by the desired TLD. However, the term Realtor is a trademark property of National Association of Realtors (NAR) and if any domain name contains the term realtor then it is a trademark domain name and demands cautions. Using this term can lead you to legal trouble.
  • The example presented above was just a single instance. So, it is always a good thing to exercise caution before deciding the domain name.
  • Just search the online platforms like USPTO or Trademarkia to know about such trademark domain names that can be risky for your venture due to trademark restrictions.

Check if it is stolen

Just like the real world thieves, the digital thieves are also smart and their smartness is further boosted by the sophisticated technology. Besides, as the communication is rather impersonal and quick in the digital arena it could be difficult to tell if the person selling you the domain names is the real owner or is just a thief trying to make quick bucks posing as an owner.

  • One of the best ways to check the authenticity of the domain is to go to the WHOIS history or domain related forums like Namepros. It will give you a deeper look into the things and tells you if there has been any uncommon activity in the recent past.
  • However, there is still a need for an authoritative only platform that can present a verified report on the stolen domain names.


Spelling mistakes

The spelling matters a lot when you buy a domain name and it is too natural a thing to include in tips. However, if you are going for some dictionary term or a long word then it is better to recheck the spelling using Google search. Some people claim than misspellings can negatively affect the search engine ranking of your site. Irrespective of the veracity of such claims even if we see the things from a simple perspective we would know that misspelled domain names are difficult to memorize and gives your site a sinister look as there have been instances where the misspelled words have been sued by the spammers to trap the gullible netizens.

  • Besides, if you go for the PPC ads or even offline banner ads then the results might be impacted if your domain name is not spelled correctly as many audiences have the habit of memorizing the domain name and go to the site later. So your website Phinix.com might end up getting a visitor to Phoenix.com (if there is some site with this name)

Check the history of the domain name

It is also possible that the domain name that you are buying today might have been associated with a full-fledged website. In case if the domains have been associated with an objectionable website or a website with a troubling history like overburdened e-commerce site with many unsatisfied clients or an information website full of misinformation, then you may be inundated with the complaints, ranting and unpleasant things that could not be called the right start.

  • So you can check for the history of the domains by going to the archieve.org and conduct research using Google search.
  • Buy the domain names only if you are fully assured that the domain name that you are buying is either unused or does not have any troubling history


Domain name is your digital address that allows visitors to search your website and remember it for repeated visits. However, purchasing a domain name is not only about finding the matching available names and comparing prices. There are several other key factors to be considered before you purchase domain names. In this blog, we have discussed such factors that will facilitate the domain buying process for you and turn it into a hassle-free experience.