Are you a freelance web designer? Enhance your income by becoming hosting reseller

One of the most discouraging notion that keep the people from foraying into web hosting business is that starting your own web hosting business requires a huge investment or infrastructure and you need to have a top notch setup along with the full fledged team of professionals. It might have been true during the 90’s of the past century but this notion does not hold any truth in today’s time. In fact if you are already in the internet industry and offering related services like web design or web development then you can gear up your revenue by selling web hosting services without any considerable investment.

How to start selling webhosting services without heavy investment?

Due to the increasing competition in web hosting industry, more and more hosting providers are looking for the reliable sources that can resell their services. There are well established brands that would offer you a free online store, control panel, marketing and management tools and complete ecommerce suite when you join them as a reseller. The best thing is that the infrastructure, management and support will be provided by the parent company while you will only have to sell the plans to the end clients.

Entrepreneurial freedom

Of course we are not talking about starting your own web hosting business from the scratch as that is a different story altogether But just think, with so many companies ready to offer you the complete infrastructure and extended business support why do you even need to take the trouble of starting from the scratch. All you have to-do is to join the reputed hosting companies as a reseller.

You will have the complete freedom for branding, setting the price and also deciding on the marketing strategies. Never will you need to reveal the name of the parent company.

You have the complete ownership of your venture sans the troubles associated with running the business. Nothing could be better than that.

As the entire running responsibilities is look after by the parent company you don’t need to divert the attention from your main business to manage day to day affairs.

Wider income opportunity without many hassles

Starting the web hosting reselling business allows you to effectively widen your income generation opportunities by offering the services to the potential clients. It is very likely that your existing clients who have opted for the web deigning or development would also be interested in purchasing, upgrading or replacing their web hosting. Thus you would have the benefit of reaching out to the clientele that does not require too many efforts to be convinced. While you can start the web hosting as a side business, over the period of time the hosting business can actually play an active role to support and nourish your main business. By offering your clientele a complete array of diverse web hosting packages suited to their specific needs and budgets you are actually offering your clients a crucial value added services that would make them prefer your services over your competitors.

Enhance the customer experience

The world is fast and people don’t have too much of the time to spend on approaching different vendors for the different services. Hence people appreciate the one point contact for the multiple arms of the common services. If you are an already offering web designing and development services to your audience then it would be convenient to your clients to buy web hosting packages from you thus making you their single point of contact for all their website needs. It will not only enhance the customer experience but will also help you to earn the client loyalty.

You can create your own website or take the help of site builder

As you are already in the web designing an development business it would be much easier for you to create your own web store showcasing the different web hosting plans that you intend to resell. This e-store will help you to build a strong online presence and it also offers professional appeal to your business. Thus you can show your existing clients your online store containing various we hosting plans that you are selling so the the can pick p the one that suits their needs and requirements.

If you are too busy to build yourself a dedicated webs store then you can also take the help of quick site builders provided by most of the reputed web hosting resellers. These site builders help you to create your own store without any coding or scripting hassles just by using drag and drop steps/ more importantly these site builders are chosen very carefully for their professional approach so that our site should not have that DOY look that can drive away the serious buyers.