Information That You Can Digest : Crawl-Delay

The information is the real weapon and it is even truer in the case of the digital arena, especially if you are a nontechnical person starting your own website and want the maximum benefit out of the same. Technical terms play a vital role when you decide to evaluate your website and optimize it for the best user experience. So it would be good to know the relevant technical concepts and terminology. However, you don’t have the time to read long and complicated guides. What you need is only the ideal information in a digestible format. So we are starting this daily series of digestible digital information. Here you will get the uncomplicated information in a simple format that is easy to remember. We will start with Crawl-Delay- what is it and how can it help?

What is Crawl-Delay?

Each request made by the separate bots to your website is defined by a specific time frame. This time frame is known as crawl rate. There are a number of crawls (Bing, Yahoo, etc,) requests that your bots choose to follow. The crawl delay settings command bots to wait for specific if the time period between each request.

The impact of crawl delay

Having too many index-linked pages on your website will make the bots generate many requests and within a short span of time resulting in traffic peak. During such instances, your hosting sources are consumed quickly and that has an adverse effect o your site’s performance. When you instruct the crawl delay of 1-2 seconds the entire process is streamlined in a modest way so as to avoid unwanted peaks and associated communing of the sources.

Can it affect your SEO efforts that align with Google?

In order to moderate Google crawl rate, you need to go to Google Search Console. However, due to the fair practices, the Google bots generally don’t affect the performance of your site. If you have used the above method for crawl setting then it will not have any effect on your Google settings. In plain language, there is no need to worry about your Google position when you change your crawl delay settings.



Crawling is a very important process that decides the ranking of your site. So, it is very important to know about various factors that are involved in this process. This blog tells about terminology and other important things associated with crawl delay. The blog is short and can easily be comprehended even by the beginners.