Cloud Hosting and overall site security- Part 2

In our last blog we discussed about the various things to keep in mind while evaluating the security of your cloud hosting environment. In this concluding part we would offer a few more insights into the security architecture of your cloud hosting environment as well as a few tips to ensure the best security:

Concern #1: Data Breach

Absence of proper authentication protocols s or weak implementations of the same are generally the major reason behind the data breaches. You can go for 2-factor authentication to save your important data being breached or compromised, Use a strong password with the right combination of letter (both upper and small case) numbers and special characters.

  • Keep on changing your password periodically.
  • Consult with your IT experts or cloud service provider for best users authentication policies or process to e implemented.

Concern #2:Malware script

Another most preferred tool for the malicious elements like hackers and cyber attackers is malware scripts. Sophisticated hackers employ many smart ways to inject these scripts into your system to steal and/or misuse your critical data that could hurt your business as well as reputation.

  • If you buy Site Lock certificate, your website will get a reliable protection against malware scripting.


Concern#3: Losing Data

Another major concern for the clients is permanently losing their data. However, the cloud hosting offers a perfect solution to this issue.

  • Cloud hosting providers distribute the data across multiple global servers residing in different data centers.
  • If any datacenter is compromised, the servers are damaged due to the natural causes or it faces sudden outages/goes offline or then you are at a risk of losing your critical data that can adversely affect your business.
  • However, with the help of periodical backups, you can also minimize this risk. Going for the fully managed cloud hosting plans would be specifically recommendable for the non-technical clients who want to enjoy the maximum data security even during the most adverse conditions.


Concern#4: Hardware Issues

One of the best security advantages offered by cloud hosting is that you are not required to worry about the hardware issues. Besides, as cloud hosting is their core area of expertise you can certainly expect the best configuration, premium and hardware and most competent features when it comes to the hardware used bayou cloud hosting provider.

  • Any technical bottlenecks or performance issues related to hardware are resolved by the expert and dedicated professionals that play a vital role in offering uncompromised performance.
  • Besides as there are many virtual servers available, your site won’t experience any downtime even when you introduce any changes, improvements or enhance the key resources.

  • During the process, you can transfer your site to a different virtual server that eliminates chances of downtime.


Concern#4: Activities of your neighbours

The capability to run your site from a different server also helps your site to remain unaffected by the activities or compromised security environment on other sites of the server.

  • During such situations, your site will simply be transferred to a different secured server thus keeping it away from the reach of danger.