Cloud Hosting and overall site security- Part 1

While cloud hosting is getting popular among an increased number of clients across the globe, many clients are still unsure about the security environment of cloud hosting. In fact, there are a number of clients who might appreciate the extended capability and pay as you go pricing model for cloud hosting but they are hesitant to invest in cloud hosting as they are not sure about the security environment. So, does buying cloud hosting plan make your site and data vulnerable to hackers or would it instead offer you an extended level of security with its experienced professionals and sophisticated surveillance technologies? Here are a few things to consider while evaluating the security environment of cloud hosting:

Cloud Hosting utilizes multiple virtual server locations

Cloud hosting has adopted many sophisticated technologies in order to offer a better security against the latest threats. Besides, it has been in a phase of constant evolution and adopting newer security technologies is an ongoing exercise to enjoy optimum levels of protection against latest hacking attempts, virus, bots, and security threats. When you buy traditional server plans the important key files of your website resides on a specific physical server. However, the physical server of cloud hosting is associated with several virtual server locations. Your files reside on different virtual servers and thus you enjoy a better security as there is no single point of failure.

  • With the help of various physical security measures you can build a security wall against hackers and other malicious elements.
  • Secondly the physical server is also secured with the best protective features.
  • Besides a strong layer of protections cordons your virtual network when you go for cloud hosting thus offering you a separate cloud hosting environment that offers maximum protection against unpleasant external influence.

Cloud Hosting Security: What do you need to know?

However one thing to keep in mind is that it is the security protocols and the way they are implemented that determines the protection level of your cloud hosting environment. Different providers have different security measures that they employ for protecting your data and website files. In the model of cloud hosting where single dedicated server is used to support several virtual machines a few major security concerns of the client are

  • Compromised performance intrusion instances
  • Your co-residents consumes more resources especially during fluctuations and high traffic
  • Instant resource availability for your site during high traffic instances
  • Influence of a websites on these physical server that have been attacked by the hackers

Site Security

You need to ask your service provider the specific and relevant protocols of security they employ in order protect you site from the undesired effects during such situations.

  • For example, many reputed hosting providers employ VM isolation that offers your entire virtual network a “virtual private island” on the same server that keeps your site complete unaffected by activities, source consumption or vulnerability of your neighbor's site. Hence you don’t have to worry constancy about what's going on what’s going on in the other side of the fence.

Data Security

One of the major concerns for the client could be transferring the ownership of their valuable key data to the cloud service provider. But due to the very structure of cloud hosting there is no way you keep all your data with you and still expect to enjoy the flexibility offered by cloud hosting.

  • All the reputed cloud hosting providers offer you the maximum transparency when it comes to your critical data.
  • There are specific security protocols at regular these cloud hosting providers thus allowing you to enjoy the maximum guarantee that your data will not be misused or sold.

So, how can I get 100% security on cloud hosting package?

While the cloud hosting has numerous points of entry and global access might make it seem to be more vulnerable to attacks, the stricter security protocols, as well as more sophisticated technologies with higher capabilities, offers much more reliable and stricter security protocols to govern cloud hosting environment. However, 100% security on all aspects at all times is a far-fetched dream when we talk about IT environment.