5 Tips To Unlock More Opportunities As A Hosting Reseller

When you start a web hosting business you need to make sure that you should enjoy the maximum potential to survive and grow in this highly competitive market. So you need to ask yourself some of the key questions before joining a web hosting reseller program. Here are a few important questions that you should consider before you decide to join a hosting partner program:


What are the core business benefits offered by the hosting provider?

Choosing hosting provider with loads of freebies who doesn’t offer reliable support, compels you to sell only specific plans and doesn’t support your business growth will prove to be a bad choice in the near future.

So, it is advisable to opt for a hosting provider who doesn’t overwhelm you with discount schemes and freebies but offers you best services in terms of cost, support and business growth will help you build a sustainable business with steady income opportunities.


Are you prepared to invest in branding your business?

The beauty of web hosting reseller business is at your ability to build your own independent brand. However, many resellers fail to take advantage of this opportunity. By investing some time and resources in your brand developed devours you can actually leave a distinct impression o the clients.

  • Start by developing a professional looking logo that should be unique and resonate perfectly with your services and branding objectives.
  • Come up with a catchy tag-line that quickly connects with the clients and offers a distinct appeal to your business.
  • Hiring a web designer for creating an awesome website will help you a great way of leaving a strong impact on the customers. More preferably you can purchase the themes that allow you to edit the design and content without depending upon the designers.
  • Don’t forget to create a strong social media presence on multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


Do you get a wide resource set to cater to specific customer needs?

If your parent host offers you similar resources in your reseller account then you may find it practically difficult to cater to the needs of premium clients or websites with fluctuating needs. It can restrict your business opportunities and prevents you from attracting premium clients

  • It will compel you to continue with the shared hosting plans where clients don’t have specific needs and need similar resources
  • You won’t be able to satisfy the specific requirements of the premium clients that will shrink your business opportunities
  • A good parent host should offer you the wider resource set that allows you to quickly allocate required resources t different clients and meet their specific needs


How quickly and precisely can I meet the specific needs of the clients?

Web hosting is a highly competitive industry with many players and this is the prime question that plays a prime role in deciding your business sustainability. If you are not able to take care of their exact needs, it will gradually compel them to look for other options


Does your hosting provider support business growth?

You would like to grow your business with time and for that, you would need more resources and a premium ecosystem.

  • If you aspire to add premium clients to your client list then you would also need premium infrastructure products as well, like specific solutions for safety and backups
  • Confirm with your parent host that they do have all these products in the inventory so that you can easily get the required product during your growth stage. 



In order to enjoy the best opportunities as a web hosting reseller, you need to take the right decision and consider the key aspects. In this blog, we have mentioned 5 key questions to consider before you start your web hosting reselling business. Make sure to ask these 5 questions and get the precise, satisfactory answers before you decide to start your own web hosting reselling business. It will help you take the right decisions and build a sustainable independent business with a competitive edge to stay ahead of other players in the market.