4 Premium Cpanel Plugins To Boost Its Functionality And Performance

CPanel is a widely used hosting panel that allows the clients to take control of various aspects of their website and manage it confidently and independently. It is simple to use and is packed with a number of advanced functionalities. However, as your site grows you may start feeling some performance lags and speed issues due to increasing traffic, adding more content or lack of free space. Thankfully there are various friendly plug-ins to augment the overall functionalities of your cPanel that will ultimately help you to effectively meet the growing requirements of your site and enhance its speed and performance:


As the name suggests the Lite-Speed boost the overall speed of the server by facilitating simultaneous request processing without consuming a significant amount of memory or other CPU resources. The free amount of resources proactively helps in other processes that eventually accelerate the server speed. Despite its advanced functionalities, the installation of LiteSpeed is quick and easy and all you need is to just a single click for switching to and fro between Apache and Litespeed web server.

You can easily build a number of appealing themes across various popular content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, and others. It provides  reliable support for PHP-FPM versions and multiple caches including FCGI cache and Proxy cache.

Engintron Nginx Installer for cPanel

Engintron is another powerful tool for boosting the competency and extending the functionality of your WHM server by efficiently integrating your present server with Nginx web server. The integration process is quite easy and doesn’t require complicated steps. With its powerful configuration capabilities and purpose-built functionalities, the Enigtron efficiently facilitates the reverse caching process for multiple static files including but not limited to JS, CSS, and images.

It actively helps to accelerate the capabilities of CMS derived dynamic content with the help of its micro cache layer. Thus it allows you to optimize the functionality the dynamic content from various popular sources like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.

UNIX cPanel Varnish Plug-in

It provides excellent efficiency to smoothly install varnish caches in WHM server and harness its maximum potential that translates to the optimal performance. It is especially architected to support dynamic as well as static objects. With its strong Varnish cache management functionalities, you can extract the best benefits out of your Varnish cache by streamlining various varnish specific tasks like refreshing, stats look up, restarting and setting modifications.


Apachebooster is a highly efficient singular model that allows the clients to optimally harness the key benefits of Nginx and varnish.  Its simple operability and smooth functionalities have made it a highly popular choice across both beginners as well as seasoned clients who are looking to enhance their capabilities while reducing the time and efforts. It allows your servers to do more in less time and doesn’t require the clients to go through any complicated technical process or deep learning curve. With just a few quick steps you can install Apachebooster and experience a significant boost in the performance of your Apache software.

Along with proactively supporting static and dynamic caching the Apachebooster also offers you https caching feature that extends the capabilities of Apache software. Due to its constantly evolving model, the Apache booster is trusted by a massive number of web businesses across the world.


With the help of cPanel, you can easily manage multiple aspects of your site without any dependency. However, with the time your site grows and you might start experiencing some issues with performance, availability or speed. In this blog, we have presented diverse cPanel plug-in that can offer you string capabilities to optimize the performance of your cPanel and ultimately allow you to independently repair general performance and speed issues without going through complicated or cumbersome processes.