4 major benefits offered by cPanel

When it comes to buying web hosting plans, the control panels play an important role as they allow you to enjoy the maximum flexibility and also help you in exercising various admin and management controls. The control panel offers you the required interface and tools. Two of the major control panels that are popularly used by web hosting clients are cPanel and Plesk. However, cPanel enjoys a wider popularity among both novices as well as advanced users. In this post we will evaluate various qualities of cPanel that offers it a vital position:

Constant Evolution

cPanel believes in constant evolution and its entire latest releases cue with some real productivity-boosting features. The version 60, for instance, is so strategically architected that it is capable of reducing the memory usage by 25% or even more as compared to its older version. Likewise, the cPanel account-related features are also managed in such a way that you can create or terminate your account at 10 times faster and that is a huge leap in performance. All the saved resources like memory, etc. will be diverted to the core, client-friendly purposes like boosting page loading speed and more efficient management of applications.

Client-friendly features

Being a client first company the cPanel is keen on introducing the best benefits for their clients that should help them in overcoming their technical limitations. In the same regards the cpanel had recently introduced Command Line Utilities that is specifically designed for novice programmers with no prior experience in hardcore coding. In fact, it would be much easier for you to make integrations in the cPanel API if you know how to work in command line.

Easy management

The package management process is simplified and uncomplicated by Easy Apache 4 along with adding a significant speed. Likewise, your applications will also enjoy the advantage of higher security and accelerated speed thanks to PHP-FPM,

Enhanced usability

Constant evolution site is the strength of cPanel. In fact, the company keeps on introducing a host of user-friendly features to take the best care of various challenges and bottlenecks that can limit the user experience. That is why enhanced usability is the major area of concentration for cPanel. In fact, we can also evaluate the genuineness of its user-friendly exercises by considering various developments including

  • Switching from PNG to SVG formatted images
  • Regular JavaScript updating,
  • Adding value-added features to cPanel and WHM environments to guarantee maximized productivity levels by improved performance.