4 Clear Signs That Tell You To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

Fast speed and stable performance are two essential requirements for delivering the best impact on users. Even the best-designed website loaded with extended functionalities can fail to leave the desired impact if it lacks speed and performance. So it is very important to buy the best web hosting plan that can fully support your website. However, many times the hosting plan that worked well at the time of purchase may fail to support the site after a specific period of time. The major reason is varying resource needs. With time, your traffic increases or you may add more content to your site. It increases the resource consumption. So it becomes essential for you to upgrade your hosting plan and buy the plan that aligns with your present resource needs. Let us know the different factors and telltale signs that make it necessary for you to upgrade your web hosting plan:
1. Slow speed
The speed of your website plays a vital role in determining the user experience and eventually, it helps in enhancing your search engine ranking. Slow speed disappoints the user and increases bounce rates and thus alarming the search engines that your site is not “up to the mark”. It invariably affects your ranking in a negative manner.
When should you take the action?
When the CPU limit fails to support your website throughout the day, even in the absence of traffic or other fluctuations then it shows that your site has outgrown the hosting plan and needs more resources to run smoothly. It is the high time for you to seriously think about upgrading your plan.
What’s the solution?
You may need to buy VPS plans that can enhance the speed and capabilities of your site and makes it faster. The VPS plans are much better than shared hosting plans as they offer you the dedicated virtual resources that can only be used by you. Hence, if you wisely choose your resources size you will have a ready pool of resources as and when needed.
2. Increase in Traffic
In the shared hosting plan, you share the common pool of resources with many other websites that affect your site’s capability to support the traffic load and it can result in poor site performance that disappoints many audiences.
When should you take the action?
In such and similar situations the high resource needs of several websites can significantly affect the performance of other websites on the server. Besides, if you think that your traffic is constantly increasing and your hosting plan is not capable of supporting the load then there is no reason you should continue with the same plan and force your site to perform poorly thus losing its potential!
What is the solution?
If the constant increase in the traffic has started affecting your site’s performance then you can consider going for the cloud hosting that multiplies the loading time 2X as compared to the shared hosting plans. Besides, you can scale the hosting resources to meet your changing needs.
However, if you are experiencing an acute effect on the performance and notice very slow speed or frequent disconnectivity then you may need to buy a dedicated server that offers premium performance. 
3. The need for new programs or extended capabilities
The shared hosting plans have some limitations when it comes to supporting the software programs. Generally, these plans cannot go beyond common software types.
If your needs are modest then this limitation should not affect you.
When should you take the action?
If you want to experience a better level of customization capabilities then you need to go for an advanced hosting plan. Likewise, if you want to use advanced software then you would more likely need to look for upgrading your hosting plan.
What is the solution?
VPS hosting can be a perfect choice. You get the extended customization capabilities and more controls to manage your site with better efficiency. At the same time, the VPS plan is not as expensive as the dedicated server. Thus you can enjoy significantly better capabilities at more affordable prices.
4. Media heavy websites and gaming sites
CPU limitations can prevent you from running heavy, bandwidth-hungry programs. Even if you experience a modest traffic but want to run hefty programs on your website you still need more bandwidth.
When should you take the action?
If you are hosting a media or gaming website and after a tentative beginning you now want to increase the inventory of games, media or other interactive programs on your site then you first need to consider the hosting plan you are using. The shared hosting plan is certainly a big “No” due to its limitations that don’t align with the high resource requirements of your site.
What is the solution?
The major intention of media and gaming websites is to keep the audience engaged and absorb their attention. You may go for the dedicated server or buy VPS hosting plans in order to enjoy the constant performance and lightning speed that perfectly aligns with the flash action games, fetching HD media and running the videos smoothly without any hiccups.